Wire Clamp Fixture Grip

FG-M6WCF5U-LrgNIDEC-SHIMPO’s Wire Clamp Fixture is the ideal force gauge attachment for repetitive, tensile testing of wire and similar materials.

Large lever allows the quick loading and unloading of materials up to approximately 0.2” (5 mm). These wire clamps can withstand material tensile strengths up to 112 lb. (50 kg).


Model FG-M6WCF5U
Max Capacity 112 lb (50 kg)
Max Width .02” (5mm)

*Grips ending in U = Upper

Ordering Details

FG-M6WCF5U Wire Clamp Fixture. M6 Thread, 100 lb (50 kg) Capacity

For use with NIDEC-SHIMPO and M6 compatible force gauges.