Warranty Information

NIDEC-SHIMPO warrants products manufactured by NIDEC-SHIMPO to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and proper maintenance for one year (except where noted) from the date of purchase.

If within such period any product shall be proved to NIDEC-SHIMPO’s reasonable satisfaction to be defective, such product shall be repaired or replaced at our option. NIDEC-SHIMPO’s obligation and Buyer’s exclusive remedy will be limited to such repair or replacement and shall be conditioned upon NIDEC-SHIMPO receiving written notice of any alleged defect no later than ten (10) days after its discovery within the warranty period. Shipping terms for any repaired or replaced product will be FOB shipping point. If necessary we reserve the right to inspect the product claimed to be defective at Buyer’s location or place of installation. Travel time and expenses for any NIDEC-SHIMPO service personnel provided to Buyer’s premises to effect such repair or replacement will be at the Buyer’s expense. NIDEC-SHIMPO reserves the right to satisfy our warranty obligation in full by reimbursing the Buyer for all payments made to NIDEC-SHIMPO and Buyer shall thereupon return the product to NIDEC-SHIMPO. THE FORGOING WARRANTIES ARE THE ONLY WARRANTIES MADE BY NIDEC-SHIMPO WITH REGARD TO THE PRODCUTS, AND NIDEC-SHIMPO HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, STATUTORY AND IMPLIED, APPLICABLE TO THE PRODUCTS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS, AND ALL EXPRESS, STATUTORY AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES APPLICABLE TO THE PARTS WHICH ARE NOT MANUFACTURED BY NIDEC SHIMPO. These warranties shall not be effective if the product has been subject to overload, misuse, negligence, or accident, or if the product has been repaired or altered outside of NIDEC-SHIMPO’s factory or authorized control in any respect which, in our judgment, adversely affects its condition or operation. Buyer shall establish, to our satisfaction, that the product has at all times, been properly assembled, installed, serviced, maintained, rested, operated and used in accordance with the current maintenance and operating instructions of NIDEC-SHIMPO and has not been altered or modified in any manner without our prior written consent.

Any and all Terms are subject to change prior to Buyer’s acceptance of these Terms.