Series ST-329 & 329BL LED Stroboscopes

ST-329_strobThe Series ST-329 & ST-329BL are permanent mount LED stroboscope arrays utilizing super bright CREE, high powered LED lamps. The ST-329 emits standard light for typical high speed applications while the ST-329BL uses special black light LED’s ideal for UV ink applications. The ST-329/329BL’s LED array provides a bright, stable strobe light over a wide measurement range with a lifetime far exceeding xenon lit stroboscopes. The ST-329/329BL arrays are available in several standard sizes from 9.25” (235 mm) to 65” (1650 mm) in length. Custom sizes are available upon request. The arrays are easily mountable on production equipment. An optional mounting adapter kit is available to aid in array installation. A separate control enclosure is connected with 6.5’ (2 m) cable to the array. Operation is simple with the 8 button keypad and large, backlit LCD display. Phase shift, flash duration, plus flash rate are all quickly adjustable via the controller. The unit can work off user programmed flash frequency or from a remote sensor’s signal which will automatically adjust to corresponding process fluctuations.

The ST-329 is designed for speed and frequency measurements in the printing, packaging, textile, automotive, cable, mining, steel, chemical, optical, medical and shipbuilding industries in various applications.


  • Wide Flash Range 60 – 120,000 Flashes/min. can be adjusted to meet almost any high-speed application
  • Long-life LED operation
  • Adjustable Flash Pulse duration achieves sharper images for detailed inspection
  • Phase Shift Advances or retards flash timing for viewing gear teeth, cutting surfaces, repeats or “drifting” images
  • Input sensor trigger function allows process machinery to control flash rate
  • Delay time adjustment combined with leading or trailing edge activation simplifies process set-up when using external signal input
  • Ten standard size lengths from 9” (235 mm) to 65” (1650 mm). Custom options available
  • x2 and 1/2 keys for large adjustment rate change or +/- for fine tuning


Model ST-329 / ST-329BL
Flash Rate Range 60 to 120,000 FPM
Accuracy 0.01%±1 digit of F.S. @ 77° F (25°C)
Lamp Lifetime Approximately 3~5 years depending on usage
Display Backlit LCD
Resolution 60 ~12,000 FPM = 0.1 FPM; 12,001~120,000 FPM = 1 FPM
Flash Duration 0.1°- 2.5°
Phase Shift 0-359°
Power Requirement 100-120 VAC; Optional 220-260 VAC
Input Signal 12 V Pulse Input; M-12, 3 pin
Input Signal Range 60-120,000 FPM
Input Pulse Width Over 50 µs
Input Signal Flash Delay 0-999 ms; 0-359°
Temperature Limits 32-95°F (0-35°C)
Humidity Limits 35 to 85% RH
Enclosure Control – ABS; Array – ABS window & aluminum frame
Mounting Control: Magnetic mount to include bracket; Array: Flanges for use with 6 mm bolts. Mounting bracket kit available separately
Enclosure Rating IP65 – Control & Array
Dimensions Length (See model chart) x 6” (153 mm) x 3.5” (90 mm)
Approvals CE
Warranty 1-year
Included Accessories 6.5’ (2 m) AC power cord, 9.8’ (3 m) control/array connection cable (5 pin)

Ordering Details

Model Length # LED Groups # LED’s
ST-329-0 / ST-329BL-0 9.25” (235 mm) 2 18
ST-329-1 / ST-329BL-1 20” (500 mm) 3 27
ST-329-2 / ST-329BL-2 24” (600 mm) 4 36
ST-329-3 / ST-329BL-3 31” (800 mm) 6 54
ST-329-4 / ST-329BL-4 39” (1000 mm) 7 63
ST-329-5 / ST-329BL-5 39” (1000 mm) 8 72
ST-329-6 / ST-329BL-6 47” (1200 mm) 9 72
ST-329-7 / ST-329BL-7 47” (1200 mm) 10 90
ST-329-8 / ST-329BL-8 63” (1600 mm) 11 99
ST-329-9 / ST-329BL-9 65” (1650 mm) 12 108

ST-329 Note: For 230 Volt Models add: -230V to end of model code


Model ST-329
MK-320 Mounting Kit for ST-329 Strobe Arrays
E2E-X5ME1-Z Proximity Sensor with M-12 3 pin Connection
Model ST-329BL
MK-320 Mounting Kit for ST-329 Strobe Arrays


Literature Download:

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