DT- 311J Stroboscope

DT-311J StroboscopeSeries DT-311J NEMA 4X Stroboscope for Harsh, Wet Work Areas

Where powerful illumination and rugged speed measuring accuracy is required for the textile industry, the DT-311J will perform where other stroboscopes will not. The DT-311J is used to set injection timing, injection pressure, timing of shedding and weft running time of weaving machinery. Units combine rugged NEMA 4X (IP65) housing with high performance accuracy, special phase shifting, with shock absorbing components and top mounted handle, allows the equipment operator maximum flexibility when setting the timing of weaving machinery.


  • Internal signal “MODE” (flash), allow manual control and display of flash rate (rpm), deg (flash delay angle in degrees)
  • External triggering control, automatically synchronizes to an input signal
  • Phase “SHIFT” switch, single touch – changes flash timing, 0 – 359 degrees
  • “ZERO” setting control, zeroing at any angle is easy-single touch
  • Long life flashtubes, flash rates of 200-1500 fpm, the DT-311J flash tubes are designed for extra long life
  • Angle division “DIV”, permits special flash interval ratio settings: 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and 2/4 flashes per rotation


Model DT- 311J
Phase Shift 0° – 359° / 1° increments
Flash Rate/Phase Angle Setter Rotary dial
Display 4 digit 0.39 in (10 mm) high red LED
Divide Ratio 1/1, ½, 1/3, ¼, 2/4 with shift
Input Signal High level: 5-24 V pulse; Low Level: 0-1 V pulse. 2 msec minimum. Impedance less than 10k Ω
Input Impedance 47k
Display Mode Phase shift (degree), Tachometer
Accuracy ±1 digit
Internal Signal Range 200-1500 FPM
Flash Range 200-1500 FPM
FlashTube Xenon lamp Max: 10w at 1,500 rpm. Life: 1,200 hours at 1,500 rpm
Flash Duration 10 to 40 μs automatically adjusts with flash rate
Lux Rating 8” (20 cm) Distance = 4500 lx @ 1500 fpm, 3375 lx @ 6000 fpm with 4.5″ (110 mm) irradiation diameter.
20” (50 cm) Distance = 1300 lx @ 1500 fpm, 930 lx @ 6000 fpm with 10″ (250 mm) irradiation diameter.
Power Requirement 115VAC±5% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 20VA max
Operating Temperature 32° to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Dimensions N/A
Product Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
Package Weight 6.2 lbs (2.81 kg)
Warranty 2-Year
Included Accessories 19.68’ (6m) input/power cable with connector, rubber strobe guard w/ handle

Ordering Details

DT-311J Harsh Environment NEMA 4X (IP65) Stroboscope with Included power 19.68’ (6m) cable, rubber strobe guard with handle
DT-311J-230V Same as 311J but with 230 VAC power
NIST-STROBE NIST traceable certificate with data


FLASHTUBE311-J Replacement flash tube for DT-311J


Literature Download:

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