FGS-50S Test Stand

FGS-50S Manual Test StandManual Hand-lever Force Test Stand

SHIMPO’s manual test stands offer the ability to obtain accurate, consistent results without the high cost of a motorized system. Our manual hand-lever operated test stand is ideal for rapid testing applications.

The FGS-50S manual hand-lever test stand has a 50 lb. (22 kg) capacity and can ensure accurate, consistent test results with the addition of a SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS digital or mechanical force gauge.

Nearly all manufacturers’ gauges are compatible with SHIMPO’s test stands for incredible versatility. These stands are designed for precision, balance, and durability. Therefore they are perfectly suited for measuring a limitless range of materials such as, wire, spring, plastic, paper cord, tubing, glass and composites.


  • Versatile bottom mount mounting plate permits acceptance of both standard and custom-made attachments
  • Adjustable clearance setting enables testing on a wide range of samples
  • Precision gear movement provides a consistent linear motion that produces repetitively accurate results
  • Modular, compact design reduces footprint, weight and cost
  • Sturdy all steel construction allows exceptional durability and extended life of the product
  • Compatibility with many vendors’ force gauges facilitates flexibility when replacing older test stands
  • Optional digital length meter added to stand creates deflection measurement testing for applications such as spring rate testing


Model FGS-50S (Hand-lever)
Capacity 50 lb (22 kg)
Stroke 1.97” (50 mm)
Vertical Clearance 1.6”, 2.75”, 3.94” (40, 70, 100 mm)
Product Weight 22 lb (10 kg)
Warranty 2-Year

Ordering Details

FGS-50S 50 lb (22 kg) Capacity Lever Operated Force Test Stand


UNI-PLATE Universal mounting plate for force gauges


Literature Download:

FGS-50S Data Sheet | FGS-50S Manual