NEW SHIMPO PM Process Panel Meters

PM-DC_lrgSHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, A Division of NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORP., has released its latest product with the Series PM-DC & PM-RM Process Meters.

The PM 1/8 DIN Process Meters, with Jumper-Selectable Signal Input Ranges are designed for process automation applications. The PM Series is a versatile family of controls with a multitude of input and output selections. They are fully scalable for customizing to the exact application requirements, allowing the display to read in desired engineering units coinciding to common process signal inputs.

The PM-DC Series with DC current input models can be set to one of 4 input ranges from ±2.0000 mA with 0.1 µA resolution to ±5.000 A with 1 mA resolution. The DC voltage input models may be set to one of 6 input ranges from ±200.00 mV with 10 µV resolution to ±600.0 V with 0.1 V resolution.

The PM-RM Series with AC current input models can be set to one of 4 input ranges from 2.0000 mA with 0.1 µA resolution to 5.000 A with 1 mA resolution. The AC voltage input models may be set to one of 6 input ranges from 200.00 V with 10 µV resolution to 600.0 V with 0.1 V resolution.

Universal AC or DC power options enable flexibility with usage in various power situations. The PM’s offer optional 8 A contact or 120 mA solid state relay outputs, plus an analog process signal output with 4 user-selectable current or voltage ranges. To provide a higher level of communication and integration into a system’s network, several communication protocols such as RS-232, RS-485 and even USB options are available. Units come standard with an isolated excitation output to power transducers, eliminating the need for additional power supply. These process meters possess exceptionally quick read rates to 60 conversions per second, while integrating the signal over a full power cycle. This fast read rate feature is ideal for peak or valley capture, on/off set-point alarm or control applications.

The PM-DC Process Meters are ideal for indicating current or voltage output from process sensors, transmitters and transducers in applications involving temperature, pressure, level, flow rate, speed, humidity, level, distance and a myriad more. The PM-DC’s are also commonly used to detect DC power output from solar cells, power supplies, batteries as well as current consumption of DC powered motors and similar devices.

The PM-RM True RMS Meters are ideal for AC loads found in applications like electrical motors which will only operate properly if the AC line voltage and frequency are within the motor’s specified tolerances. If the thresholds specified by the motor manufacturer are exceeded, permanent damage to the motor as well as plant equipment could occur. Drops in line voltage or frequency may indicate an excessive load and the possibility of equipment malfunction. In these situations, the PM-RM meters are a simple means to monitor AC power lines and provide an alarm of non-compliance.

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