NEW SHIMPO Low Speed Contact Adapter for DT-2100 Data-Logging Tachometer

SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, A Division of NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORP., has released its new, Low Speed Contact adapter for the popular DT-2100 Data-Logging Tachometer. Providing a slow speed range of 0.10 to 10.00 rpm, this contact adapter with its precision engineered internal spinning grill enables the DT-2100 to work at extremely low speeds while accurately displaying resolutions down to a hundredth of an rpm.

The DT-2100 possesses a wide selection of user-selectable speed or length engineering units as well as its simplicity to review statistics during the testing or upload later to a PC for further analysis. The low speed specification plus high resolution makes this combination ideal for slow speed applications such as elevator cable monitoring and other critical measurement requirements.

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