New Product: ST-5000 Stroboscope-Tachometer

ST-5000_lrgThe ST-5000 is the first dual 2-in-1 stroboscope tachometer. This combination unit eliminates the need to purchase and carry around two separate test instruments. With the Laser Tachometer portion of the ST-5000, users can determine exact process speeds up to a distance of 5’, providing adequate safety for the operator. The tachometer mode provides the process speed as well as the maximum and minimum levels recorded. A graphing mode is selectable for viewing a plot of the process speed.

The Series ST-5000 has several time-saving user features. The scroll dial provides fast adjustment of the flash rate with the rate multiplication factor which can be set up to a maximum of 10 times, allowing one to quickly scroll through the entire flash range.

One key function enables operators to acquire the speed in tachometer mode and instantly transfer the recorded speed over to the stroboscope mode, reducing time to analyze and troubleshoot equipment at various speeds. By being a 2-in-1 instrument with the ability to quickly change from tachometer to stroboscope provides the user instantly the proper stopped movement speed of the process, eliminating time dialing in the exact speed normally required when using typical single function stroboscopes. Units come standard with rechargeable batteries and battery recharger.

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