New Product Line: Dimensional Micrometers

tosokprSHIMPO’s NEW Line of Dimensional Micrometers

SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, A Division of NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORP., has released its latest line of instruments with its Tosok brand of Air Micrometers and Electric Micrometers Dimensional products. This line of high-end, precision micrometers encompasses a display and either a customized air or electronic sensor. Each sensor is designed specifically for the part’s dimension to be tested with the capability to indicate acceptable tolerances down to +/-0.1 micron. These micrometers are very commonly used for measuring inner (ID) and outer diameters (OD), but also can be used in: cylindricity, squareness, pitch, taper, parallelism, perpendicularity, straightness, angularity and thickness or width testing. Multiple displays can be combined with specially built sensor fixtures to take readings of several dimensions simultaneously.

A key benefit of this form of dimensional analysis is its simplicity plus instant part acceptance or rejection. The digital displays have three-color LED’s which quickly indicate pass/fail analysis. When checking an ID or OD, the part can be quickly spun 360° to completely check every diameter in seconds which is not easily accomplished with other methods. Several models offer multi-sensor inputs that provide the added capability of evaluating three parameters along with an arithmetic result such as addition or subtraction of measurements.

An added benefit of the air style sensors is their non-contact nature which is often a requirement for soft materials or high-grade components such as those in engines. The digital displays can output data via RS-232 to a PC for later QC analysis, plus provide optional Rank, Peak or Digitmatic outputs.

Due to their compact size and simplicity of use, these dimensional micrometers are ideal on or near the production line where space is limited and precise speed is necessary.

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