New Product: FGS-100E Motorized Force Test Stand

FGS-100E Motorized Test StandSHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, A Division of NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORPORATION, has released its latest instrument with the new Series FGS-100E Vertical, Motorized Force Test Stand.

The FGS-100E vertical test stand combined with a SHIMPO force gauge, creates a complete force measurement system capable of handling the most precise testing applications. The test stand’s all steel construction makes them remarkably rugged while performing with precision, providing the reliability to tackle a multitude of applications. The FGS-100E’s possess simplified operation with their 7 button key-pad and emergency stop button, eliminating lengthy training typical of similar test stands. With four modes of operation (manual, jog, single cycle, continuous) various single tests or repetitive tests can be achieved and selected with the push of a button. The user can quickly change the speed units displayed on the LCD from mm/min to inches/min to satisfy their test requirement or preference. With manually adjustable high and low stop limits, these stands are designed for minimal time necessary to set up the stand for the next test. The FGS-100E motorized stands have a capacity rating of 110 lbs (50 kgf) in either fast or slow speed operation models. When connected to a SHIMPO FGV Force Gauge, the gauges programmable overload setting is communicated to the test stand, allowing the stand to stop at the overload set point and prevent potential damage to the gauge’s sensor.

These exceptional features make the Series FG-100E Force Test Stands the ideal choice for lab and production testing force testing applications.

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