NEW NIDEC-SHIMPO TTST Manual Torque Test Stand

NIDEC-SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, A Division of NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORPORATION, has released its latest test equipment with the TTST Manual Torque Test Stands. These rugged test stands enable a torque force to be tightly applied to various NIDEC-SHIMPO torque instruments.

The horizontal TTST-1 and TTST-2 are designed specifically for use with the TTC Torque Tool Tester. The large adjustment wheel steadily moves a connected tool under test, such as a torque wrench, at the user-controlled rate to properly finalize a performance check. Both horizontal TTST’s have a movement travel up to 7.9” (200 mm) on tool lengths from 5.9 to 23.6” (150-600 mm) on the TTST-1 and 5.9 to 43.3” (150-1100 mm) on the TTST-2.

The vertical TTST-V with user-controlled rotating table can be used with the TTC Torque Tool Tester as well as the FG-7000T Digital Torque Gauge due to its flexible mounting capabilities. The adjustment wheel rotates the multi-turn table, applying a torque force directly to the mounted instrument in as many rotations as desired.

These excellent features make the TTST Manual Torque Test Stands a valuable and versatile addition to performing tightly controlled torque tests.

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