NEW NIDEC-SHIMPO FG-7000L Digital Force Gauge with Mini Load Cell Input

FG7000L_lrgThe FG-7000L Series digital force gauges now offer a range of Mini Load cells for simple, cost-effective compression testing. The remote, button-style load cells connected via their flexible cable, enable readings to be taken in machinery or fixtures where other force gauge adapters are unable to reach or fit. External mini load-cells are immediately recognized when connected to the display base. The compact, button-style sensors are available for compression applications with capacities ranging from 220 lbf (100 kgf) all the way up to 22,000 lbf (10,000 kgf).

The multiple-language FG-7000L’s provide menu programming for easy selection and set-up of the instrument to your desired requirements. The display has two selectable operations, numerical view with bar graph or graphical view with bar graph. In graphical view when alarm tolerances are set, the process is plotted in relation to the upper and lower limit graph lines. Combined with the go/no go icons, a simple pass/fail determination is recognized.

These high-tech instruments can data-log a reading at the push of a button for simple data acquisition, or be set to continuous data storage. Data can be viewed on the screen, sent to the optional printer, or loaded to be analyzed and graphed on the free software program. The 1,000 point memory with definable groups allows for multiple tests to be recorded and easily separated upon loading. In addition, the comparator output can be set up for integration of the instrument into a quality system for repetitive testing such as on a production line.

The FG-7000L’s possess a large back-lit, 180° auto-reversible display, compression/tension icons, combined with the dual labeled key pad allows for usage of the gauge in various positions while still being able to aptly view and operate.

These many features make the FG-7000L with mini load cell sensors the ideal solution for usage in difficult to access compression machinery or fixture testing applications.

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