NEW Force Grips & Attachments from NIDEC-SHIMPO

NIDEC-SHIMPO is announcing the expansion of its force grip attachment offering used in compression and tension testing applications. These components are utilized with NIDEC-SHIMPO’s line of digital and mechanical force gauges in conjunction with its mechanical and motorized force test stands to create a complete compression or tension test system.

NIDEC-SHIMPO has offered for years an extensive line of grip attachments used in an assortment of common to very unique customer testing situations. Some of the more common range from testing adhesive strength applied on materials; fabric, tape or wire terminal pull strength; compression performance of a syringe, destructive test of pills, candy and toothpaste tubes; plus the unique applications of determining the tension to pull rubber ear buds from headphones to the resistance force created on a surface by a basketball.

Included in the enhanced offering is a 0.2” (5 mm) and 0.4” (10 mm) diameter wide compression rod ideal for targeted applied compression on a test sample, a carton box hook for determining the opening force on various package designs, a pincer grip for the pulling of thick test specimens, a film grip with quick release tab perfect for saving time when testing multiple samples in repetition, a roller cam grip with self-tightening rollers and opening lever that enables testing on various thickness materials, a wire terminal test grip with lever for simple loading and unloading of materials, plus the heavy duty flat chuck and wedge tension grips for high-capacity testing up to 1100 lb (500 kg).

This new offering nicely complements and enhances the force grip selection to aid user’s force testing capabilities.

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