MCS-655P Reflective Sensor

MCS-655PRetro-Reflective Sensor, Model MCS-655P

The MCS-655P is a photo-reflective NPN open collector photo sensor with Light/Dark activated output that operates up to 1000 Hz. For simplified installation purposes the integral LED aids in the MCS-655P model comes in a robust metal housing with a connection cable, LED status indicator, sensitivity control and mounting nuts.


  • Sensing distance up to 23′ (7 m)
  • Polarizing filter ensures reliable detection of highly-reflective objects
  • Bright power and signal LEDs with 360° visibility offer quick and simple troubleshooting, reducing maintenance time and costs
  • Bright red sender LED simplifies alignment and saves installation time
  • Reflector Included
  • High switching frequencies up to 1000 Hz
  • The flat and smooth lens reduces the collection of dust and dirt, ensuring reliable operation
  • Polarizing filter prevents false readings on reflective surfaces, reducing errors


Model MCS-655P
Sensor/Detection Principle Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor
Housing Length 2.5″ (62.9 mm)
Housing Thread Diameter M18 x 1
Sensing Range 2″ – 23′ (0.05 -7 m)
Light/Source Visible red LED
Light Spot @ Distance 19.7′ (6 m) 15.75″ (400 mm)
Wave Length 645 nm
Sensitivity Adjustment Turnable Potentiometer over 270°
Supply Voltage 10-30 V DC
Switching Output NPN open collector, Light/dark-switching, Selectable via L/D control wire
Signal Voltage NPN HIGH ⁄ LOW Approx. VS ⁄ < 1.8 V
Output Current Max. 100 mA
Response Time 0.5ms
Switching Frequency 1,000 Hz with light/dark ratio 1:1
Angle of Dispersion Ca. 4.5 °
Ambient Operating Temperature -13 to 131 °F (-25 to 55 °C)
Housing Material PBT and PC
Optics Material PMMA
Cable Material PVC
Connection Type Cable, 4-wire, 6.6′ (2 m)
Circuit Protection Inputs and output reverse-polarity protected; outputs overcurrent and short-circuit protected
Weight 2.2oz (62 g)
Enclosure Rating IP 67
Items Supplied Fastening nuts (2 x), Reflector target, reflection tape

Ordering Details

MCS-655P Photo reflective sensor in PBT/PC enclosure with NPN output, 1000 Hz activating frequency, 6.6’ (2 m) cable & sensing range 2 in. to 23 ft. (0.05-7 m)

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MCS-655P Manual