Carton Box Pull Hook

NIDEC-SHIMPO’s Carton Box Pull Hook is simple, yet specialized force gauge attachment for testing the required force to open cardboard boxes and similar packages.

Each unit possesses a 2.3” (60 mm) width, and can work up to a maximum load of 56 lb (250 N). This hook has a M6 female connection, enabling connection with any M6 compatible device.

Grips and attachments sold individually (not in pairs).


Model FFG-M6CBH60U
Maximum Range 2.3” (60 mm)
Capacity 56 LB (25 KG)

*Grips ending in U = Upper

Ordering Details

FG-M6CBH60U Carton Box Pull Hook, M6 Thread, 56 lb (25 kg) Capacity

For use with NIDEC-SHIMPO and M6 compatible force gauges.