Acquired by SEALS Co. Ltd

Dear Valued Partner,

We wanted to inform our customers and suppliers that the North American sales and distribution rights of our Instruments Division has been recently acquired by SEALS Co. Ltd. The sale of the Instruments Division was a strategic decision to focus more time, resources, and capital on our core Drives technologies and other related potential growth opportunities. Nidec-Shimpo Corporation sold the sales and distribution rights in both the Americas ( to SEALS Co Ltd.) and Japan ( to Sugimoto & Co. Ltd ) as part of this effort to prioritize those other areas of our business.

SEALS Co. Ltd. ( ) is a very well-respected trading and logistics company with their corporate headquarters located in Yokohama, Japan. This acquisition enables SEALS Co. to further diversify their business into industrial trade and distribution services. It also will enable SEALS Co. to leverage their own logistics network to continue to supply Nidec-Shimpo Instruments in the most efficient, competitive manner that still delivers the same value and quality to our customers.

Nidec-Shimpo Corporation will continue to manufacture the Instruments Division products as in the past, these acquisitions only involve the company owned sales and distribution assets in North American and Japan.

During the upcoming months, we will be communicating with our customers and suppliers to discuss the details and timeline of the transition plan. Nidec-Shimpo America Corporation will continue to manage the transactions of the Instruments Division business, on behalf of SEALS Co. Ltd. for a transitional period that will last well into 2020. Depending on each partners’ role as a customer or supplier, we will contact you individually to set-up SEALS Co. Ltd. within your system and start to establish the new relationship.

We appreciate all of your support during these past years to help Nidec-Shimpo Instruments grow into a market leader for Precision Instrumentation. We look forward to continuing to partner with you as Nidec-Shimpo Instruments moves into this exciting next chapter.

Please let us know if you ever have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time.



Jeff Williams
Nidec-Shimpo America Corporation

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